General Home Listing Mistakes

Improper Listing
During all my time selling homes, I have seen multiple mistakes that agents make when they list a home on the MLS. Some common mistake is missing out on proper information, writing a short description with missing key features, not being able to showcase the property properly unless the buyer sees that home itself etc. But if a buyer is not interested in property by looking at its listing details, they might not even care to see the house unless its listed at a low price and listing at a low price will also be not in the sellers interests. There might be things like recent renovations, separate entrance to basement, maintenance costs, flooring and roofing condition, high ceiling etc and a realtor must make sure that these special features need to be highlighted.

Photography / Videography and Virtual Tour
Failing to have a perfectly showcased home can cost you dear. Many listing on the market don’t even have a proper photo-shoot and images are captured using mobile phones that ruin the outlook in eyes of buyers. When dealing with real estate sales, a highly experienced real estate agent will always advise to spend a few extra dollars towards a professional photographer. Also once you have the right photos / videos, you need to have them uploaded with a virtual tour company that has the best tools to showcase your home virtually.

Listing your home for a wrong price
A super low or super high price wont give you any benefit. A home listed too high can turn away potential customers and on the other side, a listing with lower price will attract a lot of customers but you may end up with a low sale price as a low price might look like as a problem with the house somewhere. A correct valuation according to market trend is needed before you list you home. Also, a very low price will attract a lot of window shoppers who might not end up as buyers as sooner or later, you will have a higher price buyer in your hand and it would be a waste of time to showcase your home to buyers with lesser buying power.

Listing your home with a wrong agent
In this technological world, listing your home with an agent who just relies on old marketing trends to sell home will be a wrong step ahead. Make sure that the agent you hire is not only technology friendly but also employs the technology to make your home listing reach masses.