Open House Success Tips

Open house success will vary depending on different factors. There are three P’s for a open house: A timely Planning, a top notch Promotion and a super duper Presentation. An open house concept doesn’t work if it isn’t pre-planned. The news about the open house listing should reach the right audience at a right time. To get rid of clutter and extra items in the house, you can go ahead with the garage sale. Make a checklist in advance for the open house day which will save your time on the big day.

For any open house, the first thing to do is to make sure that house is free of any harsh smells. Try to keep some windows open to allow flow of fresh air, and buy room fresheners and place them in each area of house to greet the visitors with a nice aroma. Also, never use heavy scented air fresheners to make the environment pleasant and not turn away potential buyers making them thing that there is something being hidden.

The entrance should be well lit and clutter free including removal of any shows, socks, clothes etc. Another thing to consider is making sure that your washrooms are shining as if just upgraded yesterday. Closets should not be full of clothes, try to hang around a limited number of well-ironed clothes and properly hanged. Potential home buyers always tend to open closets with no major reason and finding a super clean closet can add to the look and feel. One more thing to consider is to remove all garbage from kitchen and washrooms to help gain an odor free surroundings a day before the open house.

These small and easy tips can help you get extra dollars in your pocket easily.